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ConflictMastery Quest(ions) Blog

The CINERGY® Conflict Management Coaching Blog –ConflictMastery® Quest(ions) – is for anyone who finds self-reflective questions helpful for examining and strengthening your conflict intelligence. It is also for coaches, mediators, HR professionals, ombudsmen, leaders, lawyers, psychologists, counsellors and others who also use self-reflective questions as tools for helping your clients in these ways.

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8 Responses to ConflictMastery Quest(ions) Blog

  1. Cathy Murphy says:

    Thanks for all your efforts and support Cinnie – you are a gift!

  2. Fiona White says:

    Thankyou Cinnie – a fabulous idea for a blog. Loving the questions : ) I’ll be sharing this with my community. Fiona

  3. Thank you so much Cathy and Fiona. Welcome!

  4. Another great series of posts. May I post on my blog the blog on Making Someone Wrong? I see myself using these questions this week, and that had a tremendous impact on my.

  5. Cinnie Noble says:

    Thank you for asking Melissa – please feel free to refer to the ‘Making Someone Wrong’ post in your own blog. I am glad you liked it and want to share it.

  6. Would “peace mastery” not be a better model than “conflict mastery”? Conflict indicates a state of failure – far better to work towards peace than away from conflict.

  7. Cinnie Noble says:

    That’s an interesting perspective David. I am glad you raised it.

    I come at this with the view that improving the way we manage conflict – by for instance increasing our self-awareness and gaining different perspectives that the blog (hopefully) inspires – will lead to self-peace as the starting point. It seems to me that since conflict is inevitable and a normal part of life that learning how to effectively engage in it will help build peace – one person at a time (my company’s motto).

    What do you think?

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