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CINERGY Accredited Trainers And Coach Mentors

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CINERGY Accredited Trainers (alphabetical order)

Lynora BrookeLynora Brooke

Lynora brings an extensive background in mentoring, coaching, facilitation, mediation and training to her role as a CINERGY Accredited Trainer. Based in Sydney, Australia, Lynora has conducted a multitude of CINERGY conflict management coaching sessions with corporate, private and government clients and has seen how powerfully its use can impact lives. Approachable, adaptable and pragmatic in her training and coach-mentoring style, Lynora is passionate about empowering workshop participants realize their full potential as learners.

Nicole CharronNicole Charron

Based in Quebec, Canada, Nicole Charron brings much energy, wisdom and experience to the CINERGY team. She is an Organizational Development Consultant who provides a range of services for public sector agencies and educational institutions, aimed at creating a healthier work environments. These services include coaching, team-building, alternative dispute resolution, change management, group facilitation, problem analysis and decision-making processes. Nicole trains both the Introductory and Advanced CINERGY conflict management coaching programs in French and English. Together with Lucie Allaire, she translated CINERGY’s materials into French. Nicole is a compassionate trainer who is dedicated to participants’ learning and supports them with her characteristic humor, patience and sincerity.

Linley CornishLinley Cornish

Linley is a highly experienced mediator, facilitator, trainer and coach with over 20 years’ experience in both the domestic and international arena. Based in Canberra, Australia, she has coached extensively using the CINERGY model of coaching in performance development programs, leadership programs, in workplaces to build capability in managing challenging behaviours and for building an individual’s competency in conflict situations. Linley is a passionate and committed practitioner and learner and has experienced first-hand the power of the CINERGY model to enable clients to realize their heart-felt goals.

Cameron ElliotCameron Elliott

Based in Australia, Cameron is a management consultant with a passion for supporting authentic leadership, collaboration, and wellbeing in organizations through effective facilitation, training and coaching.  He draws on a wealth of real-world leadership and collaboration experience gained through co-founding and leading a social enterprise dedicated to developing resilient communities.

Lisa KlugLisa Klug

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Lisa comes to conflict management coaching from a legal background and 10 years conducting workplace misconduct investigations. Lisa is passionate about conflict management coaching. She finds it to be a powerful and effective alternative to costly and emotionally damaging investigations, with measurable positive results for clients and organisations. As a CINERGY coach-mentor, Lisa delights in warmly and enthusiastically supporting workshop participants to begin their own journey as conflict management coaches so that they too can enhance conflict intelligence in their own organisations and support positive and enduring changes for their clients.

Terry McCarthyTerry McCarthy

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Terry is a Small Claims Court Judge, lawyer, mediator, dispute resolution consultant and coach, who brings a strong background in adult learning techniques to his role as a CINERGY Accredited Trainer. A gifted trainer and coach, Terry is well known for his supportive, patient and respectful manner of imparting knowledge and providing feedback that facilitates workshop participants’ learning.

Catherine O'ConnellCatherine O’Connell

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Catherine is a qualified and experienced mediator, facilitator, Enneagram consultant and conflict management coach. She also has many years experience in HR Management. Catherine has completed both the Introductory and Advanced CINERGY conflict management coaching workshops. Her energy, humor, generosity of spirit and caring are evident to all who observe Catherine in her work.

Mary Lou O'KennedyMary Lou O’Kennedy

Mary Lou is a graduate of the Introductory and Advanced CINERGY Conflict Management Coaching Workshops. She joins the CINERGY team of accredited trainers, from Wexford, Ireland. With a background in mediation, conflict management consultancy, conflict management coaching and training to corporate and private clients. With over 20 years previous experience in the management of people in not-for-profit companies and private enterprise, Mary Lou sees the value in the practical tools and skills developed by those who engage in conflict management coaching. Mary Lou is an enthusiastic trainer known for her calm and sensitive manner in engaging and empowering participants’ learning.

Sarah PantSarah Pant

Sarah works in Melbourne, Australia as an organizational consultant, facilitator, conflict coach, change specialist and psychotherapist. Her key areas of expertise lie in professional development of emerging leaders, conflict facilitation, and the creative dynamics and process of change.  Sarah brings an authenticity and generosity to her work. Sarah is passionate about experiential learning and supporting clients to create space for sound reflection so as to engage positively amidst the challenges of conflict. She has particular skill in working with complexity and cultivating the value of diversity as a rich opportunity for development.

Patricia "Pattie" PorterPatricia “Pattie” Porter, Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Pattie is a licensed clinical social worker and a highly experienced conflict management consultant, mediator, trainer and graphic facilitator. She has completed the CINERGY Introductory and Advanced Conflict Coaching Workshops and is a CINERGY Certified Advanced Conflict Coach. Pattie brings her characteristic warmth, engaging manner and compassion to the team of CINERGY Accredited Trainers. She cares deeply about participants’ learning and aims to ensure they experience the magic of the CINERGY process.

Mary RaffertyMary Rafferty

Mary is a graduate of both CINERGY’s Introductory and Advanced programs and an Accredited Trainer, who has been using the CINERGY conflict management coaching model in her work since 2006. Based in Co.Leitrim, Ireland, Mary is an accredited mediator specializing in workplace conflict. She brings her experience in both education and social work to her coaching and mentoring with her clear and firm yet insightful feedback. These skills together with Mary’s sensitivity and respectful approach are always appreciated by workshop participants.

Heidi RuppertHeidi Ruppert

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Heidi is a lawyer, mediator, conflict management consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach, who demonstrates superb skills in her role as a CINERGY Accredited Trainer. She is a graduate of the CINERGY Introductory and Advanced Conflict Coaching Workshops. At all times, Heidi can be counted on for her insights, engaging sense of humour and caring. Her brilliant and articulate way of sharing knowledge and supporting people in their learning, is constantly and consistently acknowledged by participants in the CINERGY workshops.

Noelene SalmonNoelene Salmon

Based in Sydney Australia, Noelene has 20 years’ experience in senior Human Resources and Industrial Relations and for the last 10 years has focused on ADR as a CINERGY Conflict Management Coach, Facilitator and Mediator. She has worked extensively in government and introduced ADR and workplace training programs based on the CINERGY model. Noelene has a passion for coaching and mediation inspired by the transformation these processes provide for clients and teams in conflict and distress. She has a warm and empathetic style sharpened by insight and softened by humour.

Rho SandburgRho Sandberg, Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Rho Sandberg is an organisational and leadership development consultant, conflict coach, facilitator and mediator based in Melbourne, Australia. She is passionate about fostering conflict leadership within organisations and has a keen interest in the relationship between organisational culture and patterns of workplace conflict. Rho strongly supports experiential learning and shares her expertise in a generous and caring manner.

Julie WalkerJulie Walker

Julie was the first CINERGY Accredited Trainer in Australia (she is based in Townsville) and she is accredited to deliver both the Introductory and Advanced workshops. Julie has a high level of expertise as a coach and trainer and has broad experience conducting mediations and conflict management processes, in workplaces and other venues. She has coached extensively using the CINERGY model and her great success in coaching and training, reflect astute insights and a deep compassion for people. Julie has a strong commitment to facilitating participants’ learning journey to become skilled conflict coaches.

CINERGY Accredited Coach-Mentors (alphabetical order)

Like our CINERGY Accredited Trainers, our cadre of Coach-Mentors continues to grow and many go on to become CINERGY Accredited Trainers. The current crew is as follows:

Lucille BoettgerLucille Boettger

Lucille has extensive experience as a mediator, conflict coach, facilitator and trainer. Based in Ottawa, Canada she has completed the CINERGY Introductory and Advanced Conflict Coaching Workshops. Lucille brings compassion and a non-judgemental approach to all her work and interactions. She has a keen ability to remain present and provide insightful feedback as a coach-mentor. Lucille is one of our bilingual (French and English) coach-mentors. Lucille is the Manager of Client Services for CINERGY.

Carol BowenCarol Bowen

Carol is a CINERGY Conflict Management Coach and Mentor based in Newcastle, Australia with over 20 years’ experience and professional development in dispute resolution. She is well qualified and fluent in a range of dispute resolution services which she delivers to National and International clients. Carol is committed to ensuring that each client receives an opportunity to become more resourceful in the way they deal with and manage conflict. One of her main passions is developing individuals and teams to increase their conflict capability.

Sue BreretonSue Brereton

Sue is a Sydney, Australia based CINERGY Conflict Management Coach, Life Coach and Executive Coach, and a mediator, group facilitator and trainer, who is committed to assisting her clients to learn from their conflicts, maximise their potential and achieve their goals.  As a defence reservist Sue also works in the Department of Defence’s ADR programme, where she provides Conflict Management Coaching for clients affected by complex long term conflicts, to achieve clarity, repair relationships and improve engagement in the workplace.  Using her conflict management and negotiation skills, Sue is part of a team that delivers Negotiation and Communication workshops for United Nations military and other experts preparing to deploy on UN missions.  Sue is passionate about enhancing the broader community’s enthusiasm to embrace ADR and coaching.

Maureen ClearyMaureen Cleary

Maureen is a CINERGY conflict management coach-mentor, nationally accredited mediator, trainer and facilitator based in Melbourne, Australia. With extensive experience in senior operational management in the human service industry, she currently specialises in coaching managers in the planning and implementation of organisational change and quality improvement processes. Maureen’s approach is based on establishing a deep understanding of the individual manager’s experience, the presenting challenges, and the strategies that will work best for the person, the organisation and stakeholders. Maureen provides insightful feedback in a warm and engaging manner and has a unique ability to join clients as an ally, coach and mentor.

Kathleen DanKathleen Dan

Kathleen is a CINERGY coach, mediator and facilitator. She has been working independently in the public and private sectors for over 17 years. Kathleen is based in Sydney, Australia and draws on the disciplines of social work, adult education and theatre studies in which she holds post graduate qualifications. Kathleen is committed to the principles and practice of lifelong learning. This is manifested in her own lived experience and in her work developing others to their full potential.

Carole GraceCarole Grace

Carole is based in Melbourne, Australia and brings extensive experience in conflict prevention, management and resolution as a conflict coach, mediator, facilitator and conciliator, to her role as a CINERGY Coach-Mentor. Her empathetic and sensitive manner support participants’ learning and her calm, respectful and non-judgemental manner makes her a valuable addition to the team.

Moira JenkinsMoira Jenkins

Dr Moira Jenkins,(PhD), is based in Adelaide, South Australia and brings with her significant experience as a registered psychologist, mediator, conflict management coach and trainer. She works extensively with organisations, through her coaching, mediation and training roles to prevent and manage workplace bullying and harassment.  Her first book ‘Preventing and Managing Workplace Bullying and Harassment: An Occupational Health and Safety Framework’ is due out this year through Australian Academic Press.

Moira JenkinsTiffany Kelly

Tiffany is located in Sydney Australia and has been an accredited Conflict Management Coach and Mediator for over eight years. Specialising in workplace conflict Tiffany has worked extensively with the Department of Defence, the NSW Health Department and is currently transitioning to relationship and parenting conflict management coaching. With an extensive back ground in training and education and in her role as coach mentor, Tiffany has established and facilitates the Sydney Conflict Coaching Community of Practice group and is passionate about providing ongoing education and support to the Conflict Management Coaches in her region.

Suzanne LarocqueSuzanne Larocque

Suzanne has been coaching the CINERGY model since 2007. What she appreciates most about the model is that  clients are encouraged to turn their focus inward in search of a deeper understanding, fresh perspectives and new possibilities.  She joins our team as a coach-mentor with 30 years of previous experience in Human Resources.  Suzanne is a member of the International Coach Federation and is an experienced mediator, a facilitator, and a trainer –   working in the National Capital Region and across Canada in both official languages.  Supporting workshop participants – and her clients as well – with deep authenticity, wisdom, passion and compassion,  Suzanne consistently welcomes the opportunity to get to know them at the human level with an open heart.

Brenda LowryBrenda Lowry

Brenda Lowry is a CINERGY Accredited Coach-Mentor and also, a Virginia-Certified Mediator. She serves as the  Executive Director of CMG Foundation (CMGF) – a non-profit organization that provides a range of conflict management services –  based in Richmond, Virginia and comes to that position from the business world. Having gained deep insights from her work regarding the significant costs of conflict to any organization, she sees conflict management coaching as an invaluable tool for preventing unnecessary conflict and more proactively managing those that arise. As such, Brenda is passionate about conflict prevention and management, and strongly supports the principles of CINERGY’s coaching, including the innate power we have to choose constructive behaviours engage effectively in conflict

John MulliganJohn Mulligan

John is a certified conflict management coach, mediator and organization development consultant. In his work he helps develop high performing leaders, teams and organizations by enhancing communication, relationships and attention to results. As someone who has waded through the swamps of personal conflict and accompanied others in the midst of its fires, John has a deep empathy and admiration for those on pathways toward conflict management, resolution and transformation. He has specialized in conflict transformation and peace building in diverse settings and cultures for 25 years, and currently works mainly in Ireland, the UK and South Africa. John continually applies and disseminates innovative ways of working creatively and constructively with conflict and the CINERGY model in particular. He is valued for supporting people at the edges of their learning and comfort zones, and accessing their inner and outer resources.

Kerry OwenKerry Owen, Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Kerry is a CINERGY Certified Conflict Management Coach and coach-mentor based in Toronto. She brings a range of skills to the workshops – starting with the fact that she is a people person with a knack for making the complex seem simple. A creative thinker and strategic planner, Kerry delights in connecting conceptual thinking to reality and action. She is a highly skilled facilitator and moderator but at her core she is a coach and a thoughtful and supportive coach-mentor. When Kerry is not coaching and coach-mentoring, she offers services in Research Consulting, Strategic Development and People Development. She also co-founded Chocolate Villa, a leadership development program for high potential women leaders. Kerry completed Adler Coach training and received ICF accreditation in 2015. She holds a BA(Hon).

Franca PetroneFranca Petrone

Franca has extensive experience as a trainer, mediator, conflict management coach and restorative engagement facilitator.   Based in South Australia, she uses CINERGY conflict management coaching to support clients in developing their conflict management competence and confidence and achieving their goals.  As a coach-mentor Franca is compassionate and understanding.  She encourages workshop participants to build on their existing skills and strengths to develop as coaches.  Franca continues to be delighted at the power and simplicity of the CINERGY conflict management coaching model and the insights, shifts and transformations she has the privilege to witness.

Catherine PowellCatherine Powell

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Catherine works as a conflict management coach, facilitator, mediator, workplace investigator and HR professional. She has worked across ten industry sectors in small, medium and large organisations and in government, to assist leaders, managers and employees enhance their competence in leadership, change and conflict management.   As well as reviewing policies and conducting training for organisations in managing complaints and  conflict-prone workplace issues, she also coaches trainees on Conflict Management and Mediation Programs.   Her respectful and empathic approach enables her to work with Boards, Business Owners, Senior Leaders, Supervisors and employees.

Val SinclairVal Sinclair

Val is based in Sydney, Australia and has been a conflict resolution practitioner for over 27 years – working as a mediator, facilitator and conflict management coach. She has extensive experience in relationship and workplace conflict management and has used conflict management coaching to prepare clients for dispute resolution processes such as mediation, workplace training and to support clients to develop conflict management skills.

Patty StilesPatty Stiles

Patty is a US-based CINERGY Conflict Management Coach, as well as a Mindset Coach, Teacher, Facilitator, Mediator, and former Arbitrator and Collaborative Attorney. Patty takes a holistic approach, with focus on facilitating clients’ optimal happiness and well-being through goal achievement – which of course includes working through conflict. She is a life-long learner, who continually applies new learnings to her passion, which is helping clients succeed.

Liz TilleyLiz Tilley

Based in Australia, Liz is an executive coach (accredited by the International Coach Federation) and conflict management coach with a background of over 25 years in communications. Liz has a special interest in helping clients reconnect with their inner wisdom and self-leadership, and sees conflict management skills as being core to this development. Liz sees the CINERGY conflict management coaching model as being a powerful method for bringing insight and understanding and she feels honoured to witness the shifts and transformations it brings about in clients. Her approach is warm, calm and engaging.

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