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Why Bother Criticizing?

When we are in conflict it is common to criticize the other person – blaming her or him for things said or done (or not said or done). In our blaming we might name-call, put them down, ignore them, be … Continue reading

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Judging Others

When a judge in a court makes a decision on legal issues in dispute she or he considers many things depending on the situation. It may be the relevant case law, statutes, written and oral evidence provided, witness statements, and … Continue reading

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As we know, the word please is usually meant to be a polite statement that accompanies a request of another. With a drawn out pronunciation and sarcastic intonation, this word can turn quickly into an expression that reflects disgust, disapproval, … Continue reading

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Criticizing others

One way that some of us cope when we are in conflict is to criticize the other person for something he or she is saying or doing. Criticism takes many forms. For instance, it may be by being condescending, pointing … Continue reading

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